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RAVENOL Products

RAVENOL Products are high quality products  "Made in Germany". Our motor and gear oils meets the requirements and specifications of the automotive industry around the world, and the international approvals of leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) confirm the high quality of RAVENOL products.

The RAVENOL products program includes  motor oils for passanger cars, two-stroke motor oils, rallye-/racing oils, ATF-transmission fluids for automatic transmissions, gear oils for manual transmissions, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, specialties, marine oils, high quality greases, brake fluids, winter products and antifreeze products as well as  service equipment.

Ultimate Lubrication Technology

Our unique and eye-catching new look and brand image has been especially designed to underline RAVENOL‘s commitment to developing state of the art, high performance products which meet and exceed the demands of the future. The ergonomically and 
attractively designed retail packs are available in 1, 4 and 5 Litre sizes; Trade packs are 20L, 60L, 208L and 1000L sizes. 


Our product range covers almost every conceivable application - State of the Art Automotive Lubricants for not only road going cars and bikes, but also specially developed specifcations covering every form of Motorsport on 2- or 4-wheels, on land or water. Truck Oils, Marine Oils or specialist Industrial Lubricants - whatever the application be assured - we are more than one step ahead of our competitors in bringing you "ULTIMATE LUBRICATION TECHNOLOGY".

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