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RAVENOL offers an optimised and sustainable container system for 20 l packages in connection with a shelf system for clean and structured storage and simple product bottling.


The RAVENOL BAG IN BOX system is made up of a robust outer box and a plastic bag with integrated outlet tap. This container system ensures both safe transport of our high-quality lubricants and space-saving and sustainable disposal of the packaging components. Once the bag is empty, it can be easily taken from the outer box. The system saves up to 80 % space with the empty packages as compared to package canisters of the same package size.

The space-saving shelf with fastening casters offers a storage capacity of 2 * 5 BAG IN BOX bundles and is equipped with a tripping trough that can be removed to dispose of residues and for cleaning, the outlet taps of the bundles are suspended in a groove strip, which ensures simple and clean bottling of the product.

Bag in Box

RAVENOL – BAG IN BOX:  space-saving, well-structured, simple.


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